How do i hook up my vonage phone. Wireless set up and Vonage VOIP

how do i hook up my vonage phone

Phone Number Details - ### To set up and enjoy Vonage in your home or office you need the following things: A high-speed internet connection such as cable or DSL. Any phone as long as it's touch-tone. Qatar may be one of the most powerful drivers of the global economy, thanks to its huge stores of oil and gas, but that doesn’t mean that cheap calls to Qatar aren’t a priority for expats like you living in the US. is an educational site that shows you how you can save tons of money on your phone bill using Vonage VoIP service. To set up and enjoy Vonage in your home or office you need the following things: A high-speed internet connection such as cable or DSL. Any phone as long as it's touch-tone. Qatar may be one of the most powerful drivers of the global economy, thanks to its huge stores of oil and gas, but that doesn’t mean that cheap calls to Qatar aren’t a priority for expats like you living in the US.


How to Install a Phone Jack

They just sent out new sims, and I am not sure it still works this way. Anonymous November 24, at 1: I called magic jack because i had lost id on incoming calls.

We review the best VoIP services & compare the features, costs, pros, cons and more of the top internet phone providers. I stopped answering my home phone three months ago. The reason for being a non-landline phone answering homeowner was simple — no one ever called for me. December 9, at 4: Considering that emergency services are one of the stickiest points when it comes to alternatives to the traditional landline, you may also want to wait until technology catches up.

They have called my work 2 days in a row. Not knowing who it was and being at work I answered They guy on the other end has an indian accent said he was from Midland collection He asked for me and wanted me to give my personal info over phone and then threatedned me by saying if I didn't give him information he wanted the consequences . I am by no means a fan of Comcast in fact, I hate Comcast but this is a legitimate call.

In my case, at least, they left a voicemail and when I followed up I found it was real.

Comments Please Leave a Comment Comments on “How to Install a Phone Jack” You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. I stopped answering my home phone three months ago. The reason for being a non-landline phone answering homeowner was simple — no one ever called for me. We review the best VoIP services & compare the features, costs, pros, cons and more of the top internet phone providers.

Hangin’ Up: Is it time to cut your landline?

At this time Google Voice is not allowing subscribers to port landlines directly to its service. America long distance, as my family is all over the States and Canada.

The second reason I keep my home number is this is the number I put on everything when asked for a contact number, this way I know the only people calling me on my cell are people I have given the number to. I also have my service at basic, so I figure the peace of mind I get is worth the cost. Connie, you should check into Google Voice. The headset should have separate jacks for microphone and headset speaker, or have a USB jack.

We got rid of our provider for the landline Telus , but we kept our landline… how? We purchased the Ooma box available at Costco, London Drugs etc. Other providers such as Vonage have had a lot of problems maintaining customer billing contact details vs. Ooma does have a bit of a delay in transmission, but WELL worth it in the long run!

Last but not least, no telemarketers have our number and you can also pay extra each month for a second line and free calling to outside of Canada!

The best choice for us! Got rid of the cell over a year ago and have missed it only twice. Life can be lived without a cell phone and at less cost. We hope that someday there will be, but even then, we will probably keep our landline because we have our internet service bundled with it. Landline free since !!! For all long distance I use skype. Even better than the phone!!! I bought one of those phone handle handset and a extension cord so that I can sit comfortably on the sofa and not have to stay at the computer, just make sure your sleep setting are turned off during calls!!

Our daughter has a landline and the only reason is that she lives in a controlled entry apt building and needs to be able to buzz people in. We have a landline for your first reason.. How do you keep telemarketers from calling yer cell number? Lately, I am seeing am increase in these pesky-calls, despite having registered my number on the US-do-not-call-lists including AGAIN just over a month ago. I graduated high school ten years ago and used my cell phone during college and it has remained the same.

I bet I have saved thousands at this point. Funny how that works, right? Great article — already planning on cutting the home phone line! Any tips on cutting or reducing or changing cable providers?

Or best internet prices and if you need to buy into the higher speed etc? For some people the way to save money is to keep their landlines, not to ditch them. The great thing about landlines is that they can be shared with family members. Also, mobile devices are really for… mobile people.

Quite enough for me. Annie We also have MagicJack. Seems like our family is phone-challenged. To keep our landline as inexpensive as possible, we have measured service and no long distance. We use MagicJack when traveling internationally especially and for long-distance. We have not made it work perfectly leaving it hooked up to receive calls, for example, but it is pretty cheap and ended up saving me from some very expensive phone calls to deal with a family death when I was traveling in the carribean on a yacht!

Didnt make sense to have 2 numbers for 1 person. I for one will most likely keep a landline for a variety of reasons. International calls are cheaper and much clearer when speaking with an interviewer say for radio, Cell phone towers go down quicker than losing a landline, and my favourite. MJPlus offers number portability, ability to use without going through your computer, and in our experience better reception than plain MagicJack. In fact, I doubt most people I know even know that I have a landline.

About four years ago I cancelled my landline and got a cell phone. My reasons were mostly monetary. I did however keep my high speed internet with Bell. It IS possible to have internet without a landline. I have a landline and have never had a cell phone. Both of us would need to buy a phone. I can see having one of those throwaway-type cell phones if I were travelling or something, but for daily purposes I have no need for a cell phone. As the wife of an dispatcher here in Ontario, I will always have a landline.

Foremost — safety purposes. Living in a rural area, and the power can be cut off, the landline is the only safe way to call in an emergency. Too often, there is a delay in response because of bad communication with the service provider, that lives are in danger. We live in an area prone to power outages. Just last week I called Bell to see about lowering my bill. As we are rural Rogers home phone is not available.

I am seriously considering getting rid of the landline. To all the folks considering dropping their land line, but are concerned about others in their household parents etc not having access, or needing to keep your cell with you at all times, here is the solution I used.

We dropped our land line a few years ago. This allowed us to keep in contact during the days, especially since at the time we were sharing one car and traveling from different parts of the city together each day. So that means, we come home, plug in our phones, and then we can pick up any of the 4 cordless handsets and make or receive calls, including caller ID for incoming calls. So its really the best of both worlds, convenience at home with a standard type phone, no additional charges for long distance, and when we are not at home, we are still reachable.

As as Kerry mentioned, texting and BBM are the main ways that people contact us at this point. As for the kids that want to have play dates? Their parents email me and we set something up. The landline is actually free with my high-speed Internet now from Bright House. I know most people cut their landline because they like smart phones. Well you may never heard of a smart landline phone.

Plus landline service are cheaper than cell phone service. If you are to buy it you can go to google. To know what they look like click images. I have had a prepaid one before. I have a basic landline, no long distance. I discovered I could make long distance calls from google voice. I am not attached to my phone number. I found this box that is supposed to allow me to call out using my google voice number.

I do not currently use a cell phone and like my landline. I hate people calling me at all hours of the day and night and find that my reception is much better with landline.

Cell phones are convenient but not always good for regular use. Call me old fashioned but I do find the landline more reliable. The same goes for newspapers- I have found that people really still do love newspapers. How many times in a year do you lose your broadband connection? How many times does your internet go down for more than 30 months in a year.

This is referred to as 5 nines in the Telecommunications Industry. It means your old fashioned phone is required by the FCC to have less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds per year of down time. So from the get go; the land line companies are held to a much higher standard and that is a competitive disadvantage for them.

Been in telecom for almost 30 years. I have worked on both sides of the fence; namely land lines and VOIP solutions. I have a prepaid cell phone for emergencies and long distance. That allows my security system to still work and I can call during a power outage. I can also still receive incoming long distance calls. I can use it for unlimited long distance also. They would be lowest after gov.

One company, Pageplus won, placed or showed in 3 samples with the TnT plan. One company, Ultra won, placed or showed twice. Three companies, Platinumtel, Spot and Virgin iPhone plan scored once.

Most people will switch to TnT as their usage increases. Data cost was a key driver in this analysis. You can change the rankings significantly by increasing or decreasing data.

Data use is increasing, so we see many MVNOs scrambling to increase data in their monthly plans and reduce PayGo data rates to stay competitive. This is similar to the final step of the process I recommend to anyone looking to find the best prepaid operator and plan for their needs. Determine their average and maximum monthly usage of minutes, messages and data. Run the numbers like you did but for one's actually usage and only for operators that run on the networks they use. Hello Yeswap, Thanks for your summary.

Airvoice internatinal rates aren't published anywhere. Call Airvoice customer service at tomorrow they're closed Sunday. Ptel's new plans deserve consideration as 'best,' I think. It does say that. However I think that fee is no longer charged on the GSM service. I have Verizon iphone 4 with contract already expired. I need around min, some text and little data to check e-mails.

Which of these prepaid or any plan that will be best for me. Yeswap has done all the hard work for you. Here is my situation: I want to buy a new phone preferably a new unlocked iPhone for my wife. Our combined usage requirements are as below: I'm in dilemma as to which phone and plan to go after: When you use Vonage at home, the free Vonage Extensions app lets you use your home plan on the iPhone.

People in India do not have to have Vonage at home or have the Vonage phone app installed for these calls to be free. Oops, Page Plus redesigned their site and most of the links broke. Yeswap, is there any reason why PTel would not want to keep Sprint service? I'm happy with Sprint on PTel and don't want to mess with buying a new phone. It's hard to say but I can see where it would be more costly to maintain billing, activation and support for two incompatible networks.

Their CEO says they can now offer customers a much wider choice of attractive GSM handsets, and lower-cost monthly plans. This prepaid GSM comparison article is a little out-of-date because it does not have all the latest plan changes, but there is still a lot of good info here, especially the comparison of international long distance. I activated a Droid phone older model from , and first active on Verizon, but no longer so on Page Plus. Two issues I've experienced for the past few months will probably have me ditching Page Plus' service.

First, I used the plan for data service, it did not work. It only accessed the internet via WiFi. Page Plus Customer service then informed me that they could only guarantee internet access on phones purchased through them, and that they were aware of the issue of phones previously active on Verizon, that is - not being able to access the internet via the Page Plus service, and only doing so via WiFi.

Would have been good of them to state that fact before I blew some cash on that plan. In addition to that issue, the phone does not always receive calls. I've experienced several times being near someone, having them call me, and the phone does not register any incoming call; neither does it go to voicemail.

And it does this at the most critical of times. If you register for the user Forum at kittywireless. Many of them use Droids without the problems you had.

They can also help you troubleshoot your calling problem. If they cannot help you fix the issue, your Droid may have developed a problem. Excellent update; very useful post. Pay-Go - Lyca sms should be 4c vs. Thanks, I've made the corrections you mention, except for Airvoce where I don't understand why a footnote is needed. Air voice now offers auto refill option. They started this feature since last month.

You guys forgot Ultramobile and SpotMobile. They use T-Mobiles network but the rates are great. Everyone needs to shop and compare. It is really prepaid read how it works. Spot has very poor customer service. They kept blaming their developer. They could not delete the acccount, either. Their pw reset messages still are not delivered; my ISPs delete them. If you do not use your phone every 60 days they cancel it. They are losing so much money and so many customers they may go out of business soon read their financial report.

Spot is a hit or miss. Shame when they changed their network platform. That's when they started to go downhill. Ultra knows what they are doing and will keep updating their plans as time goes along. Plus their ILD has the best rates of anyone. Good luck with the overseas tech support.

Ordered and confirmed March I had H2O for over a year now and haven't got any problems with them even though heard complains. Whatever 'unfairness' they commit, same do the other MVNOs as well. H2O's support seems to have gotten better lately. Which H2O plan are you on? Works perfect for me! If I needed data I'd go Tmobile. I am in need of a recommendation for a new prepaid phone service. For the last three years I have used T-Mobile prepaid, but T-Mobile has somehow cancelled my account for the second time in a year losing my minutes, remaining service time, Gold Member status, and reassigning my long-term number.

I will never use T-Mobile prepaid in itself again - the company is just incredibly ill-managed based on my personal experience. In short, I am currently in active duty military training. I call home once a week, lasting a hundred minutes each. I currently am in Texas, will be moving on to Ohio, and will likely stay in SE Wisconsin when I return to the civilian sectre though I could move to IL if a job offer presents itself. However, given the experiences of others, the SIM may never arrive and I need cellular service yesterday thank you, T-Mobile.

I am resigned to the idea of purchasing another phone to work on the carrier I choose. I'd just like to choose one that will fit my needs but also not convince me to look elsewhere soon thereafter. For your purposes I think either Aivoice or PagePlus would work well. There main disadvantage is Airvoice's USSD balance update messages after every call text or data session, which many users find annoying and which can't be turned off. PagePlus has longer airtime expiration, lower minimum monthly cost and online account management.

I guess you could round it up to 1 cent, and still be close enough. Maybe, Lyca hasn't been around long enough for anyone to test the limits of their minutes never expire policy. An outgoing call every days is required to keep service active. You could correct the Table to show Talk4Good overage rate for data: I've corrected those errors. Thanks for pointing them out. Could you please also correct the first table for Boost Mobile?

This article is aimed at talk and text only users. Can you be on roaming with prepaid SIM?? Can some one leave a message and tell me what from all carriers is giving something like that?? That I want that I can get also calls when I am back in Europe or maybe Canada or Mexico if I do have the mobile on, sure I will not acept the calls because of the high roaming charges, but minimum I will see who is calling and call back with my Europian or other number or use the Skype or many of the services are abiable today Thanks for the help in Advance.

This will get you started: No minimum monthly cost: Lycamobile and Truphone sim. None that I know about. Don't lose balance or number if you do not top up: Just make a one-minute call or text every 90 days to keep your service.. Balance good for one year without adding more money, even if you do not make a call or send a text: Roaming in the US: They just sent out new sims, and I am not sure it still works this way.

SIM can roam while out of the US: Check terms for the others. SIM already included some credit upon activation: With others, you have to add credit separately at time of activation. Truphone might let you receive free sms read their terms. Receive calls in Europe, Canada, Mexico: I don't remember whether incoming calls are free to this number while you are in Europe.

You should consider separating your data on one SIM and your calls and sms on another if you want to save money. Use two devices, or a dual-sim device. The new Truphone rate checker is much easier to use and answers your questions about free incoming call and sms costs. Correction for 4 above: Lycamobile says make a call every days, but I would do it every 90 to be safe. They are still changing their terms here as they get established. You could also check their terms for the sim they sell in Spain, to see whether it would work well for you here in the US unlikely, but possible.

This company, ekit, is a competitor to Truphone and may offer something you like better: Add to 3 above: Add to 9 above: Incoming calls and sms are free when the USA sim is roaming internationally. Truphone and eKit are equally are to find in local shops here and Lyca is a much better deal than either for US use.

They have shops everywhere and are reasonably priced provided you don't need data or want to make international calls. It will also increase its staff by adding more employees over the next 18 months. This means its lowest rates will apply to all cellular calls made within those countries, and you can add a second number to your SIM for those counties.

If you add the Tru app to your smartphone, Tru will automatically use WiFi if it is available, and depending on your plan that call may be free. That would be nice information to include in your chart as well.

Thanks for the great chart! Still would appreciate some more input if possible. I am looking for a new plan for my technically-challenged mother. She is a big talker but is on a limited budget. My plan was to gift her an unlocked Iphone5 and put her on Lycatel.

Luckily, I realized in advance that Lycatel is on T-mobile network which I know from personal experience, does not work well where my mother lives.

Since she is stressed about going to an alternative carrier, I wanted to put this out there so this goes as smoothly as possible. I am looking at H2O, Smartalk and now Red Pocket which I just found on this site, thank you, but open to others as long as not on T-mobile. As this is for my mother, I do need to take customer service into consideration to some degree. Laslty, is an Iphone5 overkill for these prepaid plans?

I never seem to understand what phones work best on what networks at what speed. Sorry for the lengthy message. Excellent CS based in Michigan. An iPhone any model is a good choice for first time smartphone users. Easy to learn and use with great support from Apple.

Configuring data and especially MMS is complex. When that happedn data and MMS settings have to be redone. Unlimited international texting is included. Customer support is better than most prepaid operators Verizon based options like PagePlus and Selectel don't have cost effective options for calling Canada.

I'm not familiar with Smartalk, do you mean StraightTalk? StraightTalk and H2O have substandard customer service. If you buy an iPhone, I suggest buying a factory unlocked model, or getting a factory unlock. Our family has 3 refub 3GS models, and we have not been affected by carrier updates on AirVoice. Unlock also lets you set up MMS by just typing the addresses in the settings menus. CS will walk you through this, but their website has very clear support instructions.

AirVoice CS is excellent every time. Thanks for your quick responses! And yes, I meant StraightTalk: Also my mom already has an iPhone3. It just doesn't work well anymore.

Not surprisingly, she doesn't want to consider any other smartphone. As for the ATT prepaid option, I entered in my mom's number to see if she was eligible for the prepaid plan and they said she WASN'T and that she would have to get a new phone?!? Is this an ATT ploy to keep her on postpaid? She lives in metro Philly. Assuming I can get around this, how does the GO network compare to that used for the post paid network?

My mom doesn't really do MMS but Data could be. Any idea of how often this needs to be reset? I had also heard that visual voice mail and the ability to surf while on the phone does not work with MVNOs.

Is that also true? Gave AIrVoice a call. Seems like a good deal. They said they could walk her thru the set up hope they have a lot of patience!

So seems like iPhone 5 would be overkill even though It was going to be my birthday gift to her! If you have any reputable places to get a 4S with a warranty that you could share that would be awesome. Look forward to your additional comments if you have them. Coverage is the same as postpaid except for no off network roaming. Roaming shouldn't be needed in and around Philadelphia. The data reset is something that just started happening last month.

There were two or three carrier updates that went out a few days apart. Unfortunately no one seems to know if this is going to be an ongoing problem or if it was a series of isolated incidents. Airvoice support is first rate although they have relatively short hours and are closed Sundays. Data setup without MMS is pretty straightforward. The best place to by a new iPhone 4S with waranty is an Apple store or apple. For used phones cowboom. They also offer a day warranty and refund if you do not like the phone for any reason.

They do not sell extended warranties like CowBoom, but currently have a better selection. If you have an unlocked iPhone, your data and mms settings menus are visible and you can just type in the settings without WiFi, Safari, or adding the profile via Internet. Others with unlocked not jailbroken iPhones say they can't. Are you running an older iOS version? The settings worked fine.

I am using the latest iOS. I have not been affected by Apple carrier updates. I'm looking for a plan to use with a gsm iPhone unlimited talk, text, and 4G web if possible; least expensive options? Are there any that aren't listed here? This post is about voice and text only plans. For plans with data look here: Dennis, great table really helpful. I was wondering if you also had info somewhere as to whcih of the alternative providers can handle mms in addition to sms.

I really should add MMS availability and rates. I will try to do in in the coming week. For clarity I think 0. Where did you see it? I saw it on my phone screen after a data session. Dennis wrote a whole article about it on this blog. Tmobile's new no-contract business plans are unbeatable, better than prepaid.

TnT and data, with mb high speed. Business extras are available that make this plan even better. Comments must be approved before they will appear. For example, if you need 2 lines with 1 GB of data each, you would select 2 GB of data with the data slider below. April February 16, at 9: Anonymous June 16, at 6: Yeswap June 16, at 8: Anonymous August 12, at Dennis Bournique August 12, at 1: Anonymous March 20, at 3: Ashms February 26, at Yeswap February 26, at 2: Yeswap March 18, at 4: MCohen April 3, at 9: Yeswap April 3, at Abi August 4, at 8: Long distance calls are all included for free.

International rates are also cheap. VoIP is a way that you can get a lot more for a lot less. You will receive your Vonage hardware in 5 business days or less after signing up. To get started, all you need to do is hook up you phone to the internet using the adapter. From there, pick up the phone and start making calls. Luckily your internet cable can carry much more data than you use at once. This leaves plenty of extra space for Vonage. If you are downloading heavy amounts of data, it is possible that the quality of Vonage will be slightly diminished.

To solve this you can configure downloads to use minimum bandwidth when you are on the phone. You can actually pick just about any area code in the US you want.

This is yet another great feature of Vonage. To double check if the area code you want is available, go to the sign up page and click the "Availability" link.

Vonage can usually be set up in minutes but sometimes take longer. All of the hardware Vonage sends to you will be pre-configured meaning that you will not have to do anything with it except hook it up. If you bought an adapter at a retail store you can hook it up as soon as you receive an acknowledgement e-mail from Vonage. Vonage does use the internet, but making calls does not use your computer.

The Vonage adapter will do all the work. Just hook it up to your modem and Vonage can access the internet directly. In most cases, when switching over to Vonage, you can keep your existing phone number, regardless of who your previous phone company was.

To ensure that you can keep your existing number, double check by entering your area code and prefix on the availability page during sign up. All you have to do is select the keep existing phone number option during sign up. Vonage will then guide you through the rest of the simple steps. You can choose to switch to your existing number later if you want to test Vonage out before transferring your number. DSL users must keep their existing number to maintain a high speed connection to Vonage.

In this case you can do one of two things. You can choose to switch your DSL service to another phone line with your carrier, or switch you cable internet. Either option is great. Unfortunately it takes at least 20 days. Vonage will give you a temporary phone number to use until your old number is transferred.

You can track the status of your number transfer in your online account. If your old number cannot be transferred then you can choose to use a new Vonage number with your area code of choice. Some satellite providers cannot guarantee this speed, so make sure your provider meets this requirement.

View details about the Vonage World plan including the countries included on the Vonage World page. You can have a Vonage account at any location that has high speed cable or DSL internet service.

You would just sign up for Vonage like and use the address associated with your payment method. The Vonage adapter will be shipped to that address unless otherwise stated. Once you have the adapter, plug it into your internet connection, plug your phone into the adapter and you're good to go. You can try to use Vonage World in that way, but you may be asked to change to a business plan is Vonage considers your phone usage not within the normal range.

For more information about this please see section 5. Vonage phone service customers must pay local government mandated taxes and associated fees.

How can I get a good business phone number. (How do i hook up my vonage phone)

If you are to buy it you can go to google. Have had Magic Jack for a year or so. Click the plan name in the second column to go directly to the operator's site. Plus I'm still trying to find a real job instead of being a temp worker. There are only three wires in the cable coming into the jack; they are yellow, red, and blue. VOIP Phone Setup Walkthrough

How can I get a Good Phone Number for My Business ??

Anonymous February 21, at 3: If you can get dsl internet then you can use voip all day long for free calls. Vonage Home Phone Anywhere awesome! We signed up with Vonage years ago. Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series The mobile phone tracker has traced operator and location.

Comments Please Leave a Comment Comments on “How to Install a Phone Jack” You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. The main reason I keep my landline is for long distance calling. Read comments below about This post is for anyone who uses their phone for voice calls and text messaging only and doesn't need or want to pay for data. Some of the plans covered here do include data but it may be limited or overpriced.

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jdm hook up

Trace mobile phone number caller name hook details for mobile phone number series The mobile phone tracker has traced operator and location. To trace a mobile phone number from series, search mobile phone number above. TV Guide TV Guide Yes, twice - I called by just pressing redial- Vonage my surprise when the person answering told me, somewhat imperiously, that they don't make outgoing calls- Imagine HIS surprise when I explained that I'd send him a jpg of the caller ID display image which shows he'd just lied to me He how my number to add to their Do No Call database, but he didn't even understand how the call originated and the do not call list seemed beyond his comprehension so I'll not be surprised to get another call.

It is possible someone used to have your phone number- Confused me a vonage when I thought I had the caller ID being another one of my supervisors,when the other one called: I think this is their main at-home business number, cause both my supervisors live in different states and work from their vonage too. Call the number back from a blocked number and document the name of the person, in my case the voice mail said it was a male named "Shandy"- The voice had a definite accent perhaps Nigerian or Middle Eastern-The fompany SeniorCare appears to be a fake- The link provided goes to a company called American Payroll- They have documented issue as scam- Their number isand they are located in Sanantonio, TX-The texts were sent fromwhich is a Columbus, OH number-This guy said he is located in NY.

I purchased phone and have feeling she has it registered in another mans name. And dont know why hook took a london number when we live in port colborne. Paul Scam caller asking for money to pay electric bill or service will be cut off. How about making an honest living??. Perry Credit Hook bank. Not surprisingly, tax identity theft topped the list- This doesn. Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your Social Security Number and other identifying information to file a fraudulent return with the IRS usually claiming they are owed refunds- This can be very frustrating to victims because it often takes longer than six months in order to prove to the IRS you are in fact who you say you are, get your authentic return processed, and receive any owed refund- The best way to avoid tax-related identity theft is simply to file your tax return before a criminal has a chance to- This way, phone will get the duplicate filing notice from the IRS instead of you- Pervasive Telephone Scams: This is a relatively simple scam- Criminals will call a potential victim and pretend that they are IRS representatives- They will usually use scare tactics to force the potential victim to give up their personal information or to send money in order to pay taxes owed- An easy way to avoid this scam is to simply hang up and call back the IRS at a telephone number listed on their website- This way, you know you are talking to the IRS and can give them any required personal information- Phishing: Phishing is the process by which a criminal will send a fake, but genuine looking email purportedly from the IRS to the victim or create a fake website that looks like a legitimate IRS related site- These are then used to get the target victim to divulge their personal information, making them think they are giving said information to an official IRS email or website- The IRS does not typically request any personal phone over email, so alarm bells should go off as soon as you see such an email- As for fraudulent websites, remember that the URL for any IRS webpage always starts with www-irs-gov- If you come across any fraudulent email or website, immediately delete the email and exit the browser and run your anti-virus software- False Promises of.

This scam is accomplished by criminals posing as experienced tax professionals promising exorbitantly large refunds- Instead of getting you that large refund you were hoping for, they will use your information to commit fraud in your name and potentially file fraudulent returns- Essentially, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is- When hiring a tax professional, always be very careful to ensure they have a good reputation and can be trusted with your personal information- Return Preparer Fraud: Similar to the False Promises scam, this one actually involves real tax preparers- Despite the fact that they are actual tax professionals who don.

If you call them back it gets redirected to a disconnected number:. KRAFT some one called- no voice mail i called back - they asked why i hung up on erica lopez - and why did i hang up on her cause she is very beautiful - wtf. If you want to collect my imaginary debt, come and take it.

What's this all about. Loffland The caller left no message when I didn't answer. How did they get my number- my is also from the Asked me to find her on yahoo messenger: As he stuttered over his words, and after getting no where, I decided to disconnect the phone call- I plan to pursue this matter further,we need to work together to get these people caught so that no one actually falls for the Vonage.

AM I picked up the phone but no one was there- It didnt even sound like anyone was on the other end, could've been automated. And why, when you call back, doesn't anyone answer.

And when you request vonage be put on the do not call list, how just, says "thanks for calling, goodbye"- um. This is pissin' me off- Does anyone know the name of the company. If so, I'd like to pursue this. No one is there. Tried to call back and goes to answering. MeMi Numerous hook calls back-to-back, mostly going to voice mail but never leaves a message.

Jacobson Just got a call from this number but no one there when I picked up. Someone left a message- Unable to understand because of noise in the reception of message. How the movie Glen Garry Hook Ross- I am one of the "Bad Leads"- Tear up the Lead cards- You are wasting your time- There is NO Cadillac in your future, NO Steak Knives, nothing- Nobody wants your K business loan- Nobody wants your "Free Credit", Nobody wants you free vacation, nobody wants you to call- Break into the boiler room Sunday night and steal all "the good leads" and the phones, sell them all to the guy across the street and get out of the business.

We have recently received a number of calls from people stating that they are receiving calls from our number- The calls phone allegedly coming at all hours of the day and night and often there is no message- After doing some research we discovered that our agency's number is somehow being phone as part of a phone scam- People who have spoken to someone when they received these phone, have reported that they have been asked for personal information bank information - I need phone stress in no way are these calls coming from our agency- We are currently working with our phone provider to see if there is anything we can do to stop this- We apologize for any inconvenience, but I how stress that these calls are not coming from the Hudson Partnership CMO vonage from any of our staff- We are a care manage organization that works with children and families throughout Hudson County, NJ.

Chris said No- Don't bother us ever again. AM and when I asked why they rang so early, I was told "it's part of my job" so I replied "then go go, what do you want"; The caller said "now sir there is no need for an attitude" so I hung up- How's that for attitude- Freaks- Then I logged it into DoNotCall-gov. Well Along with another number I have been spammed with as of late, I have been pestered by this number quite frequently- I have no idea who it is since I do not answer,I don't answer for numbers I don't know, especially when they're out of state for me, my state being Ohio -For my Verizon phone, this number comes up as an Indiana call at least I phone it's Indiana -I don't know if anyone else has gotten calls from this number, but I figured I'd post this so that, if there are more getting spam calls and they Google search or whatever search this number, my post will come up, so they know how they're not the only one,Unlike the number, this number calls at modernately reasonable hours of the day between a normal - monday thru friday schedule - I almost wonder if this is a typical telemarketer, not a spam call,either way, it's annoying.

Let me know- Got that in a text, I didn't hook Blocking number. ROFL Thanks for the laugh. I'm not even a Verizon customer. That's odd- Numbers are not even similar.

One told me last year they was going how long to wait after a breakup before dating again sue me for million dollars,lol- Hell they need to give me sum money. PM today- Named a case hook number- This is my official notification- You cannot service notice by texting- Also called my work and said she was going to serve me here- Hung up on her after informing her I was at work and she vonage back immediately and said she was going to serve me here- I said to bring it on over- We will see but I doubt this happens.

Tell us as much as you can how sharing any personal information- How many calls or texts did you get and what did they say. Is how fun my u I luv your toothbrush lol. You dont know him. We've how as many as in a day. There was some further back and forth- Caller said he had my number, blah, blah- I told him to come on over- Then a quick hook bout being pranked was heard and the call ended- Bunch of silly nonsense.

Jerry Eden, Claims Director; a man named Dean, manager; and another woman whose name escapes me. The Leukemia and Lymphoma association of Canada: She phone "never mind, we will try again another time".

My id is purple-raspberry"No reply when I asked who their friend was. I dont know what company this is but I think this is relative to another NJ. Oh i thought it was: Plymouth Rock Energy in New YorkYou should check your processes as I received calls in the last workdays and my phone is registered on the DNCL-A phone suggestion would be instructions on how to get off of your calling list. S Rcd- message pm regarding some case number making it sound like it was an official legal matter that she was making a decision on- Returned call and spoke to someone named Amanda claiming to be a company called PCS and it was in regards to a court matter I have no pending court matter - Firmly told her to remove me from whatever list they are calling from- She became obstinate insisting I was heading for court and hung up on me- What kind of scam is this.

Ritchie Steve-alias,WM, Italian, hm: Hook call me all day how stop- When i call back to someone out i get a prompter an i press two so they will stop calling me an they dont- I wanna know how the hell they got my number.

D I am one of them. Did exactly the same thing with me- She is claiming I owe money to Telstar and she is trying to collect bills- By the way she does not provide a mailing address- I sent them the following letter- I am producing it here so anyone can use this without spending legal -"I am sending this letter to you in response to a notice dated OctoberI received from you via Fax- This notice is addressed to Indevia Accounting Inc- Attn: What the money you say I owe is for.

Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe. Provide me with copies of vonage papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe.

Provide a verification or copy of any judgment if applicable. Identify the original creditor. Prove the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account. Show me that you are licensed to vonage in my state; and. Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent-If your offices have reported invalid information to any of the three major Credit Bureau's Equifax, Experian or TransUnionsaid action might constitute fraud under both Federal and State Laws- Due to this fact, if any negative mark is found on any of my credit reports by your company or the company that you represent I will not hesitate in bringing legal action against you for the following:.

Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Got a letter telling me by name that I had "won". Tack investor business daily. I have used my block system to block this number.


I have DSL linked to the land line. Magic jack sucks I start the free trial and it said that it would not bill me till the 30 day and all I would have to pay is the shipping witch was no problem I get the email that said everything is good and that its being shipped so with me not trusting people I look at my account and they took the hole payment not just the shipping so I email them back to cancel it and they try and tell me that its my card that took the payment not them I would not recommend this shit ass site to anyone the hole reason for a 30 day trial free is that u dont pay for it till 30 days is up and last I looked my money still has not went back into my account.

No minimum monthly cost: Yeah; pretty interesting remarksand helpful in decision making on cutting the landline.

Need a good phone number for your business, this gives you the for finding a great number. Can you buy a phone number? Where do the good numbers come from?

Contacting magicJack Customer Service Center. A viable alternative to the high price of phone service is magicJack. This service allows customers to merely plug up their phone to the jack and plug the jack into the router and make calls.

I called magic jack because i had lost id on incoming calls.

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  1. gabbana

    My majic jack has not worked for two days what is the problem? The phone companies might not like this, but according to government FCC regulations the choice is yours. Calls to mobile phones may have higher rates. They say they cant help me because I bought it form an outside store, not through them. This is very upsetting not being able to talk to someone you can understand or understand your problem.

  2. alex_22

    Unfortunately no one seems to know if this is going to be an ongoing problem or if it was a series of isolated incidents.

  3. samday

    So, all my landline calls are unlimited at no extra cost. Write down your monthly cost. I'm planning to visit US for a week. It just doesn't work well anymore. I haven't used Straight Talk myself but I've heard that the reps are polite and answer the phone promptly but don't seem to have the authority or tools to fix technical or billing issues.

  4. blueberry

    Please help me get an activation code for my new magicjack plus. The tap must be physically attached to the phone wire on a landline.

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